Project Description

Sneeze Guards / Protection Screens

Ready Made & Custom Made
Suitable for retail, food service, health & corporate environments.


Our sneeze guards are designed to protect your customers and staff from COVID-19 (plus the usual cold, flu and other droplet transmitted viruses). They ensure social distancing and provide all parities with a sense of security.

Why purchase your sneeze guards from Kayendee? Because we are specialists in manufacturing acrylic protection barriers. And because your screens are made here in Melbourne, we can provide quick turnaround times with Australia wide shipping. Our guards are:

  • Flexible
    There is an extensive range of ready made options available that can fixed into place or sit on the counter. Your protection screen has a small footprint which means it take up minimal counter space and easily integrate into your existing point-of-sale setup.
  • Easy to install
    Free standing or mounted to your counter top or walls, these screens are quick and easy to install. There are various attachment options available including: Free standing, adhesive feet (high-bond, double sided tape) or screw down. Suitable for all counter tops – timber, glass, acrylic, marble, stainless steel, etc.
  • Easy to clean
    Your protection screens are made from hard wearing 4.5 or 6.0mm acrylic. Just wipe away down with water or window cleaner and a non abrasive cloth. We also sell VuPlex polishing kits to keep your screen in top condition.
  • Great looking
    These screen will be made from high-quality, non-yellowing acrylic for maximum visibility.  They have been laser or CNC cut with polished edges for a safe, professional appearance.
  • Easy to store
    When not in use, the flat pack format allows for easy disassembly and storage with a minimum of space required.
  • Easy to order
    Download the brochure, decide which size and how many you need and call or email us to place an order.
Download a PDF Catalogue
Download a PDF Catalogue


  • Flat pack
  • U & L Shapes
  • Custom made to suit your need


  • from 50cm to 2.0 meters wide
  • from 60cm to 1.2 meters tall


  • Service cut-outs
  • Free standing or attached
  • Sound holes


  • 4.5 or 6mm crystal clear acrylic
  • 4.5mm poly-carbonate


  • VuPlex clean & polish kits
  • Vinyl stickers for logos & instructions


  • Starts from $48 + GST