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Best Perspex Cut to Size in Melbourne

In Australia, acrylic sheets are most commonly referred to as Perspex. It is one of the most sought-after acrylic brands for a wide variety of applications. Therefore, there is a huge demand for Perspex cut to size in Melbourne. Due to its lightweight and resilient nature, Perspex is most often used by manufacturers as a replacement for glass.

At Kayendee, we use the following methods of cutting to get the perfect cut to size Perspex in Melbourne:

CNC Routing: This method employs a computer-controlled program to effectively cut any hard materials. Our CNC route machine can easily cut Perspex of size 2440mm x 1220mm and thicknesses above 1 mm. It is a reliable and versatile technique to get custom cut to size perspex.

Laser cutting: This method employs high-power laser beams for perfect cut to size Perspex and a smooth finish with polished edges. Our laser cutting machine can easily cut Perspex sizes of up to 1300mm x 900mm and thicknesses in between 1.5mm- 50mm.

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What are the uses of Perspex in Melbourne?

From shop signage to light diffusers, boats to gliders, fashion to architecture, aquariums to bathrooms, windows to glazing, furniture to picture frames, sneeze guards to display cases, Perspex has been the material of choice in almost all kinds of industries. Due to its versatility, the list of applications is continuous.

What are the varieties of Perspex sheets Kayendee offers?

We at Kayendee are the most employed suppliers for both coloured and clear Perspex sheets in Melbourne. Our clear Perspex sheets have extraordinary light transmission and are even clearer than glass. Our coloured sheets are available in a wide range of tints and textures like solid, frosty, opal, matte, etc. We use flame-edge and diamond polishing to ensure a smooth finish and perfectly level edges.

As a trustworthy supplier of cut to size perspex in Melbourne, we provide free consultations regarding the right colour, texture, or finish as well as shape and size of Perspex sheets best suited to customers’ needs.

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