Acrylic Sheets

Cut to size and finished to your requirements

At Kayendee, we supply an extensive range of high-quality acrylic sheets which are available in range of colours, transparencies, textures and thicknesses. Your sheets will be cut and finished to your exact specifications from our factory in Croydon, Victoria.

We deliver to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, regional Victoria and Australia wide.

Kayendee have been providing acrylic sheets and acrylic fabrication for nearly thirty years – we really know our stuff. In addition to providing custom sheet cutting, we can also flame polish edges, drill holes, create cutouts, bend and weld acrylic sheets. We can also provide laser engraving, CNC routing and printing services to complete your project.

If you are unsure of which type, size, colour or finish acrylic will best suit your job, our staff are here to help. They are trained in provide specialist advice across our entire range of products.

The Right Acrylic For Your Project

Kayendee has a huge range of acrylic sheets. We can provide you with sheets suitable for residential, commercial, industrial and artistic uses. If we don’t have the right colour or thickness in stock, we can custom order it for you.

Kayendee carries an extensive cast acrylic sheets (Perpex) and a limited range of extruded acrylic in various formats. In addition to the more commonly used cast and extruded acrylic, we can also supply ABS, polycarbonate, HDPE, PVC, PETG, UHMW, aluminium composite and more.

Cast Acrylic Sheets

Lets have a look at what options are available in the most commonly used acrylic sheets in Australian manufacturing.

We stock full cast acrylic sheets in 2440 x 1220mm. Clear acrylic thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 50mm and are available custom made up to 150mm thick. We stock a range of standard thicknesses in clear acrylic and can customer order other thicknesses for you. Sheets such as opal, tinted, opaque, etc are available in 3mm thick only. Turnaround for custom sheet sizes & thicknesses is generally 1 to 2 business days.

Call us at (03) 9722 8939 or contact us by email to check what is available.

Cast vs extruded acrylic

A question we get from some customer is “What’s the difference between cast and extruded acrylic”. And it’s a good question, because at a first glance you might think they were the same – they’re not.

Choosing the right acrylic for your project is paramount to getting the best outcome.  Here at Kayendee, our highly trained staff are ready to provide you with the right information and to help you find the best product to suit your needs.

Acrylic sheets are highly versatile and effective in many situations, but not all plastics are created equal. While both cast and extruded acrylic are light weight and very impact resistant, there are some distinct difference that are worth noting to make sure you select the right one for your project.

Cast Acrylic

  • Large range of thicknesses (1.5mm to 50mm)
  • Large range of colours
  • Higher resistance to solvents/chemicals/salt
  • More suitable for continuous water contact projects (tanks)
  • Superior thermal stability for high temp environments
  • Easier to hand bend without stress defects (line bending)
  • Edges flame polish easily and well
  • Best optic clarity
  • Higher impact resistance
  • Best for laser engraving and cutting
  • Best for high speed CNC routing
  • Durable replacement for glass
  • Less expensive
  • Only available in sheets

Extruded Acrylic

  • Limited range of thicknesses
  • Limited range of colours
  • Excels in thermal moulding applications (thermoformable)
  • Generally not suitable for manual/hand form without stress defects
  • Easier to bond with solvent based adhesives
  • Can have a tendency to chip during machining
  • Good optical clarity
  • Durable replacement for glass
  • Various profiles & finishes for specific applications (UV resistance/LED Lighting, etc)
  • Generally more expensive (depending on application)
  • Available in sheets and rolls

More Info

If you need technical data on our cast acrylic sheets, download the Material Data and Handling sheets.

Delivery or Pickup

We can organise your order of cut acrylic sheets to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, regional Victoria and Australia wide.

We use a range of reliable couriers, general transport companies and Australia Post to send your order depending on the size. Alternatively, you can organise your own courier or if you prefer you can pick up your order from use in Croydon, Victoria. We’ll discuss transport options and pricing when we discuss your order.



  • Full Sheet: 2440 x 1220mm
  • Larger sheet sizes available
  • Cut to size


    • Clear sheets: 1.5 to 10mm
    • Tinted, coloured & mirror sheets: 3mm
    • Selected range of rods & tubes
    • Tints: up to 10mm
    • Other rods, tubes & profiles


  • Clear
  • Opal
  • Transparent (tinted)
  • Opaque (Nontransparent)
  • Fluorescent (spotlight)
  • Satin
  • Prismatic/Diffuser


  • Sheets
  • Rods: round, square, Triangle
  • Tubes: round, square
  • Other: U profile


  • VuPlex clean & polish kits
  • Acrylic hinges

Fabrication Services

  • Edge Polishing
  • Drilling
  • Laser engraving & cutting
  • CNC routing
  • Line bending (shaping)

Got questions? Need help with your project?