Custom Acrylic Display Cases

Beautiful display cases for your collectables, artworks, models, weapons, awards or trophies.

Kayendee can create the perfect display case – the right size with the right display props and fittings with the opening of your choice. Made from crystal clear acrylic in a range of thicknesses to suit your specific requirements.

Display case for wepons - sword

Large and Small Display Cases

Size is not an issue for us. We can help you display a huge range of items - from the smallest collectables though to cabinets large enough to display 1.7mt tall costumed mannequins.

Depending on your application and needs, your case will be made from crystal clear acrylic (also known as plexiglass or perspex) in an appropriate material thickness (4.5-10mm) to suit the contents, style and strength you require.

Our acrylic cases are easy to clean, more durable and lighter weight than glass cases. Oh, and they are also much more affordable than glass cases.


Range of sizes

  • Suitable for small collectables to room sized display cases
  • Range of ready to order sizes
  • Custom build available


    • 4.5mm - 10mm
    • Clear all round or
    • Coloured, tinted or mirrored backs/sides
    • Generally black or white
    • Colours and mirror on request


  • Hinged
  • Magnetic
  • Slide
  • Lift Off


  • VuPlex clean & polish kits
  • Risers
  • Plinths
  • Laser engraved plaques

Model Display Cases

Don't let the dust build up on your new models & collectables. Our clear display cases provide a dust free and damage resistant display and storage solution allowing a 360 degree viewing experience.

Great for a wide range of collectables:

  • Lego Creator builds¬† & rare miniatures
  • Scale model cars, trucks, boats and planes
  • Hot-Wheel collections
  • Hand painted gaming figurines
  • Movie figurines
  • Dolls

Sports Memorabilia Display Cases

We have a range of ready-to-build display case sizes suitable for a variety of sports including :

  • football
  • basketball
  • netball
  • soccer
  • tennis/squash/racket ball
  • cricket
  • etc

Large or small with accessories to suit the display of balls, bats, jerseys, caps, wickets and more. We can design ball risers and stands in clear or black acrylic... or indeed a range of bright colours.

If we don't have a ready made design that's quite right for you, we will work with your to create a custom case to meet your needs. We can even create custom engraved plaques with logos, dates and event details to include in your display case.

Sports Cabinets and Trophy Display Cases

Have more than one trophy or award to display? Do you need to display group trophies and awards at your venue, clubhouse or office? We can help you protect and display your collection in a display case with risers, shelves, mirrored backing and custom plinths.

Helping you display your collectables in style!

If you have a hobby/paastime, such as Lapidary or Numismatics, you may want to really show off your collection. For that you might want a cabinet with some special extras.

Need Lighting?

You can add a range of lighting options to our display cases to draw attention to the display or to highlight specific aspects of the collection.

Plinths & Risers

If you don't have quite the right piece of furniture to place your display case on, don't worry. We can create a matching plinth to elevate your case to the correct viewing height. Your plinth can be as simple as an acrylic box or something more complex with inbuilt storage. And inside the case? If you need to stop round objects (such as balls) from rolling around, custom shaped stands to hold up your items for the best viewing angle or a a set of simple risers in different levels for multiple objects, we have you covered.


Need to name elements of your collection? We can create single or multiple name plates for your collection.

Order your case today and start showing off your 'stuff' in style!